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Updated: Oct 29, 2020


Pollution hurts your skin's barrier function and can break down collagen and the lipids contained within it? Pollution has been associated with skin aging and inflammatory or allergic skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis or acne. Additionally pollution can cause irritation, rashes and breakouts, particularly peaks in pollution. Dirt particles can accumulate on skin's surface and clog pores when they mix with your skin cells and oils. Cold air is denser and moves slower than warm air. This density means that cold air traps the pollution but also doesn't whisk it away. Air pollution in winter remains in place for much longer and therefore is breathed in at a higher rate than during the summer. Incorporating antioxidants in your skin care helps to neutralize free radicals and combat the effects of pollution. My favorite is Rare C by hale & hush. Vitamin C not only neutralizes free radicals, but can brighten, stimulate collagen, and can even cause an anti-inflammatory response in the skin.

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